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That’ll Be The Day (Allison – Holly – Petty)
Tell Me How (Hardin – Allison – Petty)
Moondreams (Petty)
Rock Around With Ollie Vie (Curtis)
Early In The Morning (Darin – Harris)
Baby Won’t You Come Out Tonight (Holly)
Love Is Strange (Smith – Baker)
You Are My One Desire (Quess)
Everyday (Hardin – Petty)
It Doesn’t Matter Anymore (Anka)
Rave On (West – Tilgham – Petty)
It’s So Easy (Holly – Petty)
Brown Eyed Handsome Man (Berry)
Words Of Love (Holly)
Oh Boy (West – Tilgham – Petty)
Maybe Baby (Petty – Holly – Hardin)
Think It Over (King)
Raining In The Heart (Bryant)
Peggy Sue (Allison – Holly – Petty)
Архивные записи 1957 – 1959 гг.
© А/О «РУССКИЙ ДИСК», 1992 г.