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A1 Auto Shampoo
A2 Auto Detergent Compound AM-1
A3 Concentrated Auto Shampoo
A4 Foamy Auto Shampoo
A5 Auto Emulsion
A6 Cleansing Compound For Washing Motorists' Very Dirty Hands
A7 Storage Battery Desulphurizer
A8 Glass Cleaning Liquid Niiss-4
A9 Bitumen Stains Remuval
A10 Cold Method Engine Purifier
A11 Soot Removing Agent
A12 Cooling System Descaler
A13 Upholstery Cleaner
A14 Glass Cleaner-I
A15 Rust Removing Agent
A16 Spark Plug Cleansing And Drying Agent
A17 Auto Wax AV-70
A18 Cleansing And Polishing Compound
A19 ВАЗ-1 Grinding Paste
A20 ВАЗ-2 Polishing Paste
A21 Lotion № 1
A22 Polirol
A23 Preservative Polirol

B1 Anticor-1 For Chrome-Plated Parts
B2 Glass Demister Agent
B3 Defroster Agent
B4 Defroster Agent «Crystal»
B5 Radiator Hermetic Seal
B6 Glass Hermetic Seal
B7 Aqueous Emulsion Preservative Agent
B8 Rubbert Parts Paint
B9 Bituminous Antirust Mastic
B10 Nitroenamal НЦ-II
B11 Nitroenamal НЦ II-II
B12 ПА Auto Protective Paste
B13 Door Lock Lubricating And Defroster Compound
B14 Car Bottom Antirust Compound
B15 Engine Enamel
B16 Antinakipin
B17 Paint Primer For Metal
B18 Rust Destructor Agent
B19 Paint Remover
B20 Antifreezers Tosol-A, Tosol-A40, Tosol-A65
B21 Antifreezer M-40
B22 Hydraulic Brake Fluid «Neva»

Script Writer Emmanuel Berlin-Kvatchadze
Read by Genovaite Schpokevitchene, Lionginas Pazhusis

Ministry of Chemical industry of the USSR V / O "Soyuzbytchim"
© Sound advertisement worked out by design office «Soyuzbytchim» of Chemical industry ministry of the USSR.
Commercial advertisements of USSR chemical products for cars in English. Music sounds on background and in the pauses.

Русскоязычное издание см. С91-05241-2
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